Jim offers the very best individual instruction on a more personal level. Much of the instruction has been done in this matter with a great degree of success and praise. Although there are no programs set up in advance, each quarterback can pick and choose the areas that he would most like to improve upon. There are a multitude of offenses run by different coaches around the area and it is most beneficial for consultation to design the best program to fit your needs. This maximizes the investment of time and money to get the most out of your one-on-one experience.

The programs can be picked from the following areas: 

-Footwork drills - quicker feet, basic drop drills, pocket presence drills 

-1,3,5,7 step drops from under or from shotgun

-Play action footwork and sprint-out passing game

-Proper mechanics of throwing a football

-Center to quarterback exchange

-Leadership skills - what to expect with the position of quarterback and how to become a trusted leader

-How to analyze and understand your playbook and also how to "slow the game down"

-Film study - how to watch film, by identifying and learning defensive fronts and coverages

-Game preparation - how to prepare yourself each week and how to gain the edge against each weekly opponent

-Game management: Identifying certain areas of the field and the decision making that goes with it, down and distance understanding, and managing the clock during the course of a game.


Quarterbacks from all over the state come for group workouts every weekend based on skill level and age.  Groups see a variety of current college starters and backups as well as middle and high school QBs and receivers.